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Energy Storage

An Energy Storage System (ESS) is another component in the renewable energy world. Using the latest in battery and inverter technology, an ESS solution provides continuous power to your critical loads.

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Critical loads and renewable charging

Critical loads typically are your furnace, well pump, refrigerator, freezer and basic lighting. You can charge the batteries with Renewables, with the utility power or with a generator. Charging the system with renewables usually Photo Voltaic (PV) i.e. Solar is called Clean Energy. Harnessing the sun’s energy with PV panels has been increasing in popularity for the last 20 years. In most traditional cases, the energy created by the PV system went back into the grid and the utility company would give you a small credit on your monthly electric bill.

Battery and inverter tech

Battery and inverter technology has seen considerable technological advances over the last few years. Some manufactures have been in the battery field for decades and now offer better products with longer service life and lower maintenance. Stella Energy supports the SimpliPLi brand because they use different, safe and non-toxic lithium LFP Ferro Phosphate batters for a scalable ESS solution to meet your needs. These systems are smart and have communications between the components including a Mobile App that delivers real time status and updates.

Just as refrigeration changed how people consumed food, energy storage can revolutionize how we use energy.

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Federal rebates for renewable energy products

Did you know you can get financed by investing in renewable energy?

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Stella's Mission

Stella's mission is to provide sustainable energy solutions for the 22nd century through carbon neutral energy efficient options along with low carbon energy backups. We provide affordable incentive based solutions to our customers for back-up power generation, heating, cooling, EV charging and battery storage.

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