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Heat Pumps

Stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer with cleaner air from state-of-the-art cold-climate air source heat pumps.

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Using oil, propane, gas, or electric resistance to heat and cool your home?

Home heating bills are forecast to increase by 21% compared to last winter!

Heat pumps can significantly lower your heating costs and double as a cooling system in the summer. These newer, more advanced technologies are designed to work well and keep you warm even through New York winters.

Today's heat pumps are a smarter, more efficient option to keep your home comfortable all year long. These all-in-one heating and air conditioning systems are environmentally friendlv, extremely efficient, and affordable to operate.

The Benefits of Heat Pumps

Dual Heating and Cooling: Heat pumps are designed to work efficiently in cold climates like New York - while also doubling as a cooling system in the summer.

Efficiency: The cost of heating and cooling your home with a heat pump is typically less than oil, propane, and electric resistance.

Zoned Temperature Control: With a heat pump, you can individually control the heating and cooling preferences of different rooms in your home.

Cleaner: There is no combustion of fossil fuels, fuel storage, or carbon monoxide emissions associated with heat pumps.

Easier: Heat pumps last longer than other conventional heating and cooling systems and require minimal maintenance.

How Do Heat Pumps Work?

Unlike conventional, less efficient heating and cooling systems, electric heat pumps draw heat from the environment and move it indoors to heat or move it outdoors to cool a home. Heat pumps require electricity to run but deliver more energy than they use by concentrating and moving heat rather than generating it.


Air source heat pumps extract heat from the air outside and distribute it inside your home. During warmer months, this process is reversed to provide cooling by pulling heat out of your interior space.


Our energy system is changing. Smart home and building owners are preparing for a carbon-limited future and improving their present comfort and costs by installing heat pumps.

Switching to heat pumps means future genera- tions can breathe a little easier. Clean heating and cooling with heat pumps for your home can:

  • Lower your monthly energy usage
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Maintain or even increase your comfort level
  • Eliminate the need for oil or propane systems
  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Add air conditioning to keep your cool

Follow These Simple Steps to Save Energy

Contact us today: We'll provide you with an overview of the process and help you get started.

Choose the right system: Stella Mechanical & Energy will conduct an assessment of your home to determine what heat pump system will work best. We will also guide you through what to expect from each system, such as estimated monthly and annual savings and changes to your fuel and electric bills.

Explore financing and rebates: Once you determine the system, we will fill out the program application and submit all qualifying documents for your rebate. We can also guide you through the different financing options New York State offers to make the purchase even more affordable.

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Stella's Mission

Stella's mission is to provide sustainable energy solutions for the 22nd century through carbon neutral energy efficient options along with low carbon energy backups. We provide affordable incentive based solutions to our customers for back-up power generation, heating, cooling, EV charging and battery storage.

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